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writing & editorial services

In today’s market
with all the options from traditional publishing to direct-to-reader indies, print or digital, there are a lot of people offering advice and “sure-fire solutions.”

The truth is that there’s no secret to publishing success. You need a fabulous idea, supported by a strong story, wrapped up in good, enjoyable writing. And you need to stand out from the crowd of other books competing for readers’ attention.

We said it wasn’t a secret, not that it was easy. But we can help.

What d.y.m.k is

A wide-spectrum editorial service designed to get a writer’s work into the best possible shape, either for submission to a publishing house, or getting it on the market directly.

What d.y.m.k isn’t

A packager, an agent, a publishing house.  A secret handshake.



Why d.y.m.k. productions?

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So if you’re serious about wanting to publish – not just a good book, but the very best book you can write – let’s talk.


Is d.y.m.k. productions only for editorial work?
We offer more than editorial support! Including but not limited to proofreading, copy-editing, and digital layout and production. Contact us for rates and availability.


Who is that cat in your icon?

That is Boomerang Fool-of-a-Took, Cat of Size, Meatloaf-in-training, and Eater of All Pencils.

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Contact us for rates and availability.