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In today’s market
with all the options from traditional publishing to direct-to-reader indies, print or digital, there are a lot of people offering advice and “sure-fire solutions.”

The truth is that there’s no secret to publishing success. You need a fabulous idea, supported by a strong story, wrapped up in good, enjoyable writing. And you need to stand out from the crowd of other books competing for readers’ attention.

We said it wasn’t a secret, not that it was easy. But we can help.

What d.y.m.k is

A wide-spectrum editorial service designed to get a writer’s work into the best possible shape, either for submission to a publishing house, or getting it on the market directly.

What d.y.m.k isn’t

A packager, an agent, a publishing house.  A secret handshake.



Why d.y.m.k. productions?

Among us, we have over forty years’ experience,  in both traditional print and digital publishing.  We’ve worked for large companies (Penguin USA, Harlequin, etc), smaller publishers (Entangled, Yard Dog Press, Book View Cafe), and direct-to-reader clients.  And, as writers ourselves, we understand the creative impulse –and, as editors, how to push that impulse into high gear.

So if you’re serious about wanting to publish – not just a good book, but the very best book you can write – let’s talk.


How much will an edit cost me?

We tailor our services to what you need, after discussing your project with you, typically setting a flat fee so there are no surprises.


Is d.y.m.k. productions only for editorial work?
We offer more than editorial support! Including but not limited to proofreading, copy-editing, and digital layout and production. Contact us for rates and availability.


Who is that cat in your icon?

That is Boomerang Fool-of-a-Took, Cat of Size, Meatloaf-in-training, and Eater of All Pencils.

SFWA/MWA/RWA/HWA member discount available

Contact us for rates and availability.