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“Quick, concise, and to the point.  Laura Anne takes a writer’s story and makes it better.” – Shiloh Walker

“Laura Anne Gilman was a pleasure to work with as an editor.   She gave close, intelligent readings of my work, and made suggestions which — even when they required a lot of work — I was usually happy to follow. They improved the final drafts immeasurably and saved me considerable embarrassment.”    — NYT bestselling author S.M. Stirling

“Laura Anne’s editorial eye shows you what works and what needs revision and clarity to make a story shine.”  - NYTbestselling author Anne Bishop

“If any of you have read the first Kate Shugak novel, guess what? None of you have read the first chapter. Not the original first chapter, anyway, because editor Laura Anne Gilman, then at Berkley, made me cut it. “It’s great, Dana,” she told me, “but it doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of the book.” She was right, I cut it, the book went on to win an Edgar award, and don’t think she’s ever going to let me forget it. “     — Edgar Award-winning, NYT bestselling author Dana Stabenow

“Laura Anne was a great editor for me. She never tried to tell me what to write, but would, without fail, point out places where I could make the story clearer and stronger. My books were much better when she was done.  — Wen Spencer

“As an editor, Laura Anne Gilman surpasses all expectations. She’s thorough, prompt, intelligent, organized, and exhaustive. She’s old-school, a hands-on editor… Laura Anne must be placed in the highest ranks of blue-pencil wizards.”  — Scott Mackay